Our main aims are…

1. Address the shortage of support

To address the shortage of support, both practical and financial, that is currently being provided for all deaf sports players wishing to progress with their personal ambitions in achieving success in their chosen sport. As ambitious sports players, deafness sometimes gets in the way in preparing their plans for training or taking part in matches or competitions. The obstacles, that are often highlighted concerning low levels of educational attainment and difficulties with communication, can dampen any enthusiasm individual sport players may have, reducing the passion for their chosen sport and potentially lead to ill-health through anxiety, frustration and mental illness.

2. Provide personalized support

To provide personalised support so that deaf sports players can compete on a level playing field with their hearing peers. For example, some are anxious in using public transport systems to travel to the training grounds or competition venues for fear of missing out on important messages on public address systems.

3. Recognise the importance of communication

Communication can be an issue when interpreters are not around, creating an air of uncertainty. Appropriate communication channels allow D/deaf sports players to have confidence to progress with their sporting skills.

4. Recognise sportspersons’ fundraising difficulty

To be aware that some D/deaf sports players have difficulty in raising funds to enable them to participate in their respective chosen field of sport, which takes up time, time that should be best utilised in training.

5. Fundraise

To raise funds to provide support for D/deaf sport players to overcome some of the concerns they may have, simply because they are D/deaf. We endeavour to provide assistance that can be individually tailored to the varying needs of D/deaf sports players so that their interest in their chosen sport does not wane just because of the barriers they experience.